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BACCH® - A New Era in Audio Reproduction

You have never heard anything like this before because the technology was not available until now
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“Not only did the soundstage now wrap almost to my sides and was not affected by my moving my head from side to side and back and forth, what I found most convincing was that the ambience, the reverberation on the recordings, was now a stable, solid halo around the performers, just as it is in reality.”
John Atkinson, Editor of Stereophile
“I heard a spatial presentation that was indistinguishable from real life.” “This is truly a breakthrough technology.”
“If anyone doubts that choirs of angels really exist, they certainly have not heard and surely have not “seen” them like I did — at one of Edgar Choueiri’s demonstrations in the Bellini room at the Venetian Hotel…… When you experience the full effect of Dr. Choueiri’s engineering, you will see the future and know that it is now. This 3-D audio is very close to what we all experience walking around or going to a concert – in the real world…… In Vegas, Edgar played a big J. S. Bach organ piece using KEF LS-50s and an enormous subwoofer. I stood up, I sat down, I kept looking around the room. I even walked around the room. No exaggeration – I felt that I was (virtually) in some historic European church. I swear I could smell the incense!”
Herb Reichert, Writer of Stereophile
“This is no hat trick; it’s true 3-D audio that can literally put a whisper in your ear.”
“For the entire history of recorded music we have created a very nice, but artificial aesthetic, now we have the ability to put you in a real virtual 3D audio hologram………….It is another level of how we create and perceive audio.”
“The initial burst was nothing short of revelatory, the speakers truly disappearing to a point where it was impossible to localise them.”
“Better sounding than stereo, better than 5.1, better than 10.2! But currently it can only be enjoyed by one listener at a time.”
Bob Katz, Grammy Award-winning Audio Mastering Engineer
“The 3D-ness of the presentation was absolutely startling. The presentation literally dissolved both the speakers and room, the later felt more like it had been blown open.”
Michael Lavorgna, Editor of Audio Stream
“It was a great speech and XTC demo which Edgar Choueiri gave. Even with a non-individualized HRTF the effect was surely spectacular to the participants. This will be the next big thing in 2 channel playback.”
“BACCH® is the future of audio listening. A true technology improvement for stereo playback to justify the term “high fidelity.”
“The sound coming out my system now is the best I have ever heard, the huge soundstage, way beyond the speaker and the depth of the image is unreal!! The tonal balance is much much batter than the traditional stereo setup… Congratulations to myself, the last piece of puzzle is now solved.”
“It’s been almost 24 hours since the demo and I still can’t get my head around how unkind I have been to my ears for the last 15 years of my life. Thank you for the life changing experience! Music will never be the same.”
Alexander Wong, Music lover and “perhaps the world's greatest cigar collector“
“The resulting purified sound with BACCH® is just jaw-dropping. It produces the widest sound stage from any digital source and the pin-point accuracy of instruments placement in the sound field must be heard to believe.”
Dr. K.H. Ng, Audiophile
“If you think BACCH® is about surround sound using two loudspeakers, or about adding reverb to create a better sense of space and air, or if you think BACCH® is about bringing an orchestra to your listening room; then you are WRONG. BACCH® is about reality, it is about teleporting you from your listening room to the concert hall where live music was recorded. Only with BACCH® can music flow in the way it is meant to be.”
“The first track he played for me knocked my socks off. It was not a matter of better audio reproduction, the experience I had was of a different type all together. I heard the size of the room in which the recording was made. I heard the distance and location of each instruments as if they were before me in a live performance. I heard sound coming from my sides and behind me when there were but two speakers in front. I heard music with a new spatial dimension. I was in the music as opposed to passively listening to it.”
Prof. Dien Ho, Professor of Philosophy and Healthcare Ethics
“BACCH® 3D Audio is, without a doubt, the most exciting and revolutionary advancement in audio technology since the development of digital music. With its ability to bring the live concert experience home with its uncanny ability to bring you to the recording venue and truly feel the music as if the musicians were right there within reach. It has propelled my appreciation of music at home to a whole new level.”
Cheryl Ip D'Hollander, Music lover
“選了一首應該是 BACCH® 的示範錄音,是錄剪頭髮。Mama mia,真不得了。這一段在指定位置,洗頭,沖水的效果就是【真的一樣】,‘鏟草機’在左邊,右邊時候,逼真之處,,令人忍不住伸手摸摸頭髮是否被剪掉。我曾經在傍和指定座位後面,聲音一樣,但感覺則完全不一樣。”
Henry Chow, Audiophile