The OMA Mini has arrived!

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The OMA Mini has arrived!

The very special and beautiful conical horn based two-way speakers, the OMA Mini, designed by well-known industrial designer, David D’lmperio, have reached Venue X.

It is a genre bending speaker system, constructed by hand in Pennsylvania, with a proprietary aluminium conical horn, a high quality birch ply or bamboo enclosure with a 7-in woofer, and a carbon steel stand. There has never been a compact horn based speaker with such high performance like the OMA Mini. It is compact for a horn speaker at 14” x 14” x 57” (width x depth x height), and has high sensitivity of 95db/1w/1m with a benign load of 8 ohms.

With its performance, craftsmanship, and artistry, the OMA Minis are in a class of its own.

To learn more about OMA Mini, please visit here.

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