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Opinionated Audio: David Chesky on Binaural Recording & the Business of Specialized Sound

David Weiss, the co-founder and co-editor of SonicScoop!, had an interview with David Chesky, the co-founder, producer, and artistic director of Chesky Records and co-founder and CEO of HDtracks. In the interview, Chesky shares his thoughts on binaural recordings and talks about the work on binaural recordings with his team. The full interview can be found here. Here is an excerpt from the interview at "There is a method to their madness. For Chesky Records, the how of [...]

New York City Composer: David Chesky on Time, Place and Music

Robert Schulslaper from Fanfare Magazine had an interview with David Chesky from HDtracks. Chesky shared his vision on binaural+ recording, a method of delivery binaural experience through conventional speakers, and thoughts on music writing. The full interview can also be found at “Composer David Chesky’s conversation, at least when he’s talking about music, zips along, bursting with ideas and associations. This is a musician who can write a concerto in a week, whose [...]