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THE Show 2015: Five Most Significant Products

The year 2015 is the 5th Anniversary of The Home Entertainment Show Newport (T.H.E Show). 2 products from the loudspeakers brands that we carry are named as one of the "Five Most Significant Products" in THE Show 2015 Report by Robert E. Greene, TAS Senior Writer. They are Sanders 10D Speakers from Sanders Sound Systems, and JansZen zA2.1A Active Hybrid Electrostatic Speakers from JansZen Loudspeakers Ltd. The full report can be found here. Here is an [...]

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The OMA Mini has arrived!

The very special and beautiful conical horn based two-way speakers, the OMA Mini, designed by well-known industrial designer, David D’lmperio, have reached Venue X. It is a genre bending speaker system, constructed by hand in Pennsylvania, with a proprietary aluminium conical horn, a high quality birch ply or bamboo enclosure with a 7-in woofer, and a carbon steel stand. There has never been a compact horn based speaker [...]

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