Sanders Model 10e

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The Model 10 electrostatic speaker is Sanders’ flagship.  It is the best speaker Roger knows how to make after 30+ years of research, design, and testing of electrostatic speaker.  This is simply a no-compromise electrostatic speaker that solves all the problems that plague other electrostatic speakers.

The Model 10 includes a New LMS (Loudspeaker Management System) which includes digital crossover with a Room Correction System, Digital Signal Processor, and Real Time Analyzer, a MagTech Amplifier and a pair of Model 10 ESL. The MagTech Amplifier is for the bass drivers. You need one more 2 channel amplifier to drive the ESL.

The Model 10 will play at concert hall levels and can be used with multi-thousand watt amplifiers without arcing or damage.  No protective circuitry is used or needed. It will reproduce the full dynamic range of any music without strain. Deep powerful bass is assured with the use of a transmission line woofer system.  The woofer system has been specifically designed to stop and start faster than other woofers so that perfect integration with a massless ESL finally is achieved.


  • Perfect Insulation
  • The amplifier cannot damage the Ultrastat panel.
  • No protective circuitry required.
  • Panel is arc-proof.
  • Extremely rugged and durable.
  • Immune to dust, dirt, humidity, insects, pet fur, and foreign objects.
  • Higher sensitivity (94 dB)
  • Highest precision – made with computerized diamond routing equipment.
  • Greater percentage of open area and visual transparency.
  • More attractive appearance than perforated metal designs.
  • Voltage is user selectable for use world-wide.
  • Highly efficient operation permits the electronics to be left on continually without concern for electricity usage.

The 10e performs like a full-range, crossoverless ESL — but with the deep powerful bass and high output that is simply not available from non-hybrid, full-range ESLs.  In short, you can have it all.  You no longer have to compromise high output and deep bass for the purity of a full-range ESL.

The digital crossover is just that — a crossover.  There is no amplifier built into it.  So a Magtech amplifier is included as part of the speaker system to use on the woofers.  The Magtech comes with either a black or silver face plate and matches the ESL amp so that you can have a matched pair if you wish.

The digital crossover is incredibly flexible and allows you to totally control all aspects of speaker performance.  You can alter the crossover point (any frequency you wish), the crossover slopes (6 dB/octave to 48 dB/octave), the filter types (Butterworth, Bessel, or Linkwitz-Riley), the equalization of both the woofer and the ESL, the gains of all channels and of the equalization, the phasing, time delay, and even the time-alignment of the drivers.   You can match the acoustics of your room and your personal taste better than with any other crossover.  In short, you can get the speakers to sound any way you wish.

The digital crossover is really a small computer.  It has a graphic screen on its faceplate that you can use to make adjustments and you can even make all adjustments from your computer or on your mobile device.

Of course, the digital crossover comes from the factory completely programmed so that you can simply plug it in and the system will be operational.  You do not have to make any adjustments.  But it is nice to know that you can if you wish.

The digital crossover can be operated both balanced and unbalanced.  It has both analog and digital inputs and outputs.  So you can feed it a digital signal directly (such as from the digital output of a CD player) if you prefer doing so rather than feeding it an analog signal.

The digital crossover has superb specifications, with distortion less than 0.0025%, S/N greater than 96 dB, and utterly flat frequency response.  It operates at 24/96 (24 bit, 96 KHz sampling).  So do not think that it degrades the sound because it is digital.  Both it and the analog crossover sound perfectly transparent.


Speaker Dimensions 15″ W x 18″D x 69″ H (38cm x 45cm x 175cm)
Speaker Net Weight (assembled)
90  pounds (40.8 kg)
Shipping Weight 5 boxes
Total shipping weight 270 lbs (122.5 kg)
ESL Panel Size 15″ x 42″ (38cm x 106.7cm)
ESL Power Handling
Unlimited for any amplifier intended for domestic use
Bass Driver 10″
Bass Design Transmission Line
94 dB
Frequency Response 20 Hz. to 27 KHz. +/- 2 dB
Crossover Frequency
User adjustable Factory settings 172 Hz, 48 dB/octave slopes, Linkwitz-Riley filter
Magtech Amplifier Power 500 watts RMS per channel into an 8 ohm load
900 watts RMS per channel into a 4ohm load
Amplifier Dimensions 17″ wide x 5.5″ tall x 16″ deep (43cm x 14cm x 40.6cm)
Weight 55 pounds (25 kg)
Both Balanced and Unbalanced Input / Output Connections