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Audition by appointment only

Audition is by appointment only. Please feel free to contact us to arrange for a demonstration.
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We designed and built Venue X as a dedicated room to allow the most faithful music reproduction. The room is designed to disappear sonically. This is why we named the room Venue X, because with the right system, one can recreate the acoustic space of just about any concert hall or jazz club a recording was made in with uncanny realism.

We are like no other audio retailer. Instead of showing equipment that are eye-candies, we try to minimize possible visual distractions. Unlike other audio showrooms, most equipment are out of sight. Too many people use their ‘eyes’ to listen. In this room, you are encouraged to use your ears and your heart. The lack of visual distractions will make you appreciate the extreme fidelity and uncanny realism.

This is a room of virtual aural reality, a room for you to suspend in disbelief.

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